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The passion everone invests in their own favourite activities is what us, the people that make up these communities, drive for the best we can imagine.
We come up with ideas, create and share, not fearing the unknown. Here we stand together, in our own, passion-build belief.

About me

​Hello, I'm Wariostarx, Wsx for short. That is just my username ofcourse.
I'm the owner of this site and the head behind the projects it carries.
Everything is for fun and I want to share a lot of things with the world.

It all started with my private YouTube on March 21, 2013.
I only used this channel to watch my favourite YouTubers, but it was the first thing to get me into communities.
Since then, I have started a lot of hobbies and got to know a lot of new people.

Work in progress...


To contact me about important matters, you can currently only reach me on YouTube or on Twitter, as I'm still busy setting up an extra email.
Links can be found in the footer.