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Hi there, since you seem to be at least slightly interested in who I am, let me introduce myself.

About me
I am Julie Olree, born in 1999 in the Netherlands.
I am a both a Designer and Game Developer. You can make me excited about almost anything, I like being multipotential.
I'm an IT & Media Design student, specialising in Game Design & Technology.
My works include games, logos, websites, videos, album cover designs, (personal) artworks, and concept prototypes.
As in-house staff by Etherflux I do many behind the scenes tasks, develop and design, give advise, and manage online communities.
These images are some quick links to most of my works:

Some backgrounds
I grew up playing drums and waterpolo. I was always fascinated by art and I quickly got drawn to any way I could express myself.
This lead to me being interested in so many various things, that I cannot settle for one specific thing.
My fascinations include: Video Games (Nintendo, Indie games, Rhythm Games), Anime & Manga, Collecting, Pokémon TCG, Graphic Design, Cows,
Cosplaying, Potions, Vampires, Shiba Inus, Cows, Music (Artcore, Epic Orchestra, Power Metal, Neo-Y2K, J-Pop, Hardstyle, Electronic, etc.),
Figures, Plushies, Graphic Novels, Physical CDs, Worldbuilding, OCs, Music Visualisers, Cows, Vocaloid, Pokémon Rangers, Circles around Spheres.

About my style
I am greatly inspired by orchestral and electronic music, rhythm game music and the semi-underground community that is doujin music.
The visual styles that are associated with these genres and the general flow of the indie-scene fascinates me.
Because I am so broad in the things I like to make, my style can be all over the place, but it also means that I can quickly adapt to the style of a project.
Various styles I'm pursuing right now include Artcore and Neo-Y2K, but I am sure to diverge into more avenues.

For questions or other inquiries, my email adress is [contact[@]wsx.moe] (without brackets). You can also reach me on my social media accounts in the menu.
I try to respond as quickly as I can, but please give me up to 24 hours before sending a follow-up message if I did not respond.
I can only respond to emails in English or Dutch. Thank you for your understanding.

For questions regarding Etherflux, please contact them here directly instead.