/About Me/

Quick Info

- Julie Olree

- 23 years old

- Live in the Netherlands

- Designer & Developer

- Educated in IT Media Design

- Educated in Game Design & Technology

- Open for comissions and freelance projects

Hi there, since you seem to be somewhat interested in who I am, let me introduce myself!

About me

I am Julie Olree, born in 1999 in the Netherlands.
I am a both a Designer and Game Developer going under the pseudonym and username Wsx.
You can make me excited about almost any kind of project involving some form of visual arts!
I study IT Media Design and Game Design & Technology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.
My works include games, logos, websites, videos, album covers, artworks, physical goods and concepting prototypes.
For side projects I am currently a freelance designer part of desktopGeneration and I am the lead designer of the for-fun music group Etherflux.

Various clients include: HARDCORE UTOPIA, nuphory, Moistcr1tikal, Kanemiko, SWORJ and more.

About my style
I am greatly inspired by various modern visual and music styles for my works, like Neo-Y2K, indie (doujin) music, various games and anything pastel-coloured.
Because I am broad in the things I like to make, my style can be anything I want it to be, which means I can quickly adapt to the style of any project.
I am continuesly pushing myself to learn new artstyles, modes of creation, coding languages and techniques.

Proficient Tools & Languages include: HTML/CSS3/Javascript, React, C#, Git, Unity, Blender, Adobe Illustrator/After Effects/Xd, Glimpse, Wordpress.

Personal backgrounds
I grew up playing drums and waterpolo. I was always fascinated by art and I quickly got drawn to all the ways I could express myself.
This lead to me being interested in so many various things, that I cannot settle for one specific thing as favourite.
I have fascinations in things like Video Games (Nintendo, Indie games, Rhythm Games), Anime & Manga, the Pokémon TCG, Graphic Design, Cows,
Cosplaying, Collecting, Photography, Vampires, Shiba Inus, Cows, Music (Artcore, Epic Orchestra, Power Metal, J-Pop, Hard Electronic, Hypertrance, etc.),
Figures, Plushies, Graphic Novels, Physical CDs, Worldbuilding, OCs, Music Visualisers, Cows, Vocaloid, Pokémon Ranger, Abstract 3D creations.

I believe you should never kill your inner child and always keep trying the strangest ideas!
This makes it possible to create a future of over//cute design! Moo!