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Music collection

What is this?

We strive to be the biggest doujin music database.
Every album and song has enough information to keep your perfectionism satisfied.
Get your music library complete!

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What can I do here?

Discover new albums, artists, genres and more.
We love obscure, so you never know what you'd find next.
For example, try out our random album feature.

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Where can I get these albums?

Links to official sources will make sure you get the music from trusted stores and always support the artist.
We link both physical and digital distribution. Even officially free released songs!

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Can you help me find *Obscure album*?

Quickly find music in our database using lots of different search options.
We even index events and franchises for any fangirling needs or event planning.
You can use the advanced search futures here for that.

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*Obscure album* is not here, what now?

Are you missing an album that is not in the database?
Send us the needed information and we'll get to it.
During the beta, it's not possible to add albums (on your own) yet.

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