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orbital revolution


Circle: Diverse System

Art: MiRA

Released: 28-10-2018

Worktype: Album

Related event: M3 Fall 2018

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# Artist Song Genre Type
---  「 Disc 1 」  ---
1Xaclaat the beginningNo DataORG
2Xaclamorning glowNo DataORG
3Xaclaorbital revolutionNo DataORG
4xacready to go (xac gigaglide remix)No DataRMX
5Xaclaoceanbird alternativeNo DataORG
6xacvirtual sunrise (xac extended remix)No DataEXT
7xacyellow sunrise (extended mix)No DataEXT
8Xaclanoisy progressionNo DataORG
9Xaclaafter sunsetNo DataORG
10Xaclaend pointNo DataORG
11Xaclaorbital revolution (Maozon Remix)No DataRMX
12Xaclaorbital revolution (MYTK Remix)No DataRMX

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