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This guide is not yet complete and will be expanded during the creation of this project. - Wsx

The Guide

This is a page with all the information needed to answer the questions that you might have.
Are you new, confused, stuck or do you like reading? Then this is the place to be!
It's like documentation, but better!


This is a "beta" version of the site. We are open for ideas, constructive criticism and more.
To start this project rolling forward, we need people that will help review the site, give album data and propose ideas.
Boxed cannot live without the community, and so we need to improve with as many help possible.

Under this text is a list of things that need to be added or are in the works, so you do not have to propose those again.

If the site gets good responses or comes in a position that it can start getting good responses, we will maybe be open for donations.

To do:

1. Get every page to work + advanced search pages.
2. Better look + implement user tips.
3. Create a way to easily add information to the database.
4. Better mobile support, optimisations.
5. Create a profile system.
6. Dark mode.

1 - What Boxed is about

We aim to fill this database with doujin music, video game music and anime music, their artists, circles and genres.
For starters, we do not provide any illegal files nor do we link or endorse sites that do provide illegal downloads.

Doujin music (同人音楽), also referred to as otokei doujin (音系同人). This isn't a music genre, but a type of music spanning all kinds of new or established genres that are published by independent 'circles'.
These so called circles are groups of one or more people that produce and sell music, like a record label but smaller. You can compare it to indie video game developers, but then for music with (mostly) Japanese roots.

Just because the doujin scene started in Japan doesn't mean all the songs and genres are always connected to Japan(ese).
All kinds of western genres are popular within the doujin scene, but over the years genres collided and totally new and small genres emerged from within this community.

2 - Our music data

We made information as accessible as possible. For this we try to collect a lot of data about the works in the database.
Most data is straightforward, such as the name of a song or the year of release.
Here we briefly cover what some of the data means that might not be obvious the first time you look around.

Work types

Every album recieves a work type tag. There are currently 3 types.

  • Single - Singles are works with 1 or 2 songs on it (without counting any instrumental versions of said songs).
  • EP - EP's have between 2 and 7 songs. They are too short to call an album and are generally priced less because of this.
  • Album - Albums have 7 or more songs and are the most common. Most people, just like us, use "work(s)" and "album(s)" interchangeably.

Catalog numbers

Our site indexes albums using their catalog number. Almost all circles these days assign a catalog number.
This number is made up of 2 to 6 (capital) letters followed by 3 to 5 numbers, seperated by a hyphen.
If a catalog number of a certain work is not known or assigned, we will assign an unofficial one starting with "WNC". Please do not pass this combination off as official data.

Song types

Every song recieves a song type tag. There are currently 6 types.

  • ORG - These are original (versions) of songs. This is the default and will be given to every new song.
  • REP - These are songs that are exactly the same as the original, but reprinted on a different disk. For example a "best of..." album has the exact same songs, but republished.
  • RMX - This is a remix of an original song.
  • INS - This is the instrumental version of an original song.
  • TVE - These are television versions used as "OP" or "ED" in a show. These are generally around 1:30min long.
  • EXT - Sometimes artists make longer versions of earlier songs that were short. This is only granted to a song if the original is in the database and if the original doesn't have a "TVE" tag.

3 - Stores

On our site we link to the following official shops. These shops are trusted companies or labels that sell music, or sometimes even more niche material.
We split the stores in 2 categories, stores that only ship within Japan and shops that ship products worldwide.
For every store we made a list with information that is useful to know when shopping at that specific store.
The images below show how the button for that store looks, and are in the same order as the information below that.


Please note that shipping from overseas will most likely put an extra import tax on top of the order's price.
Stores won't display this, because this is different for every country and will depend on weight, total value and country of origin.
Please check online for your country's customs specific rules on importing goods before ordering.

Shipping worldwide

Diverse Direct Akiba Hobby Tano C CDJapan Alice Books Booth Bandcamp iTunes Google Play Music
  • Diverse Direct - This shop, owned by the doujin circle Diverse System, has a lot of variety and offers music with sometimes very new and experimental vibes.
    • Specialization - Music
    • Catalog size - Medium
    • Payment methods - PayPal
    • Shipment methods - Registered Air Packet (Up to 10 days)
    • Important information - It's not possible to

Shipping Japan-only

Melon Books Toranoana Animate Akibaoo Grephshop Comic Zin Iosys Shop Getchu Surpara


4 - TBA


5 - Error codes


6 - Other information