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Circle: Diverse System

Country: Japan

Active: 2007 - Present

Banner art: ニリツ & seventhgraphics

Xi, in real life known as Yusuke Ishiwata, learned piano at a young age. He got fascinated with videogame music around the same time, of which he loves the boss battle music the most. His kind of music is based on these soundtracks and a wide range of genres, including Classical, Jazz and Hardcore. With this he enrolled at 100sec Records with great success. But not long after he released his second solo album, Agartha, 100sec Records closed down. Now he shines with his own sound between the other big names of Diverse System. Next to his solo albums, he makes a lot of singles with all different kinds of flavors. He lend his hand on songs for rhythm games and is well known within these communities for his contributions.

Not much is known about his personal life.

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