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Commission Queue

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For questions or other inquiries, my email adress is contact@wsx.moe. You can also reach me trough my Twitter.
I try to respond as quickly as I can, but please give me up to 24 hours before sending a follow-up message.
I can only respond to emails in English or Dutch. Thank you for your understanding.
For commissions, please check the commission paragraph below first.

For questions regarding Etherflux, please contact them here directly instead.
You can contact and commission all of desktopGeneration trough here.


I will only take commissions if a slot in the queue is available. I do not reserve slots.
For commission requests, please provide as much of information of what you want and how you want the final product to look.
If you already have an idea of how the end product should look, I recommend providing images, sketches or moodboards.
You can add your Discord tag to your message if you wish to stay in direct contact instead of via email/Twitter DM.
Please provide any assets you want to have included in the artwork, either beforehand or before I start with the commission.

Types of Commissions
I currently take commissions for the following works:
- Album Cover Art
- Artworks
- Game UI/BG Assets
- Logos
- Physical Goods Designs (Shirt Prints, Artbook Designs, Stickers, etc.)
- Social Media Branding (Banner + Icon)
- Websites

I currently do not take commissions for Video work nor Concepting work.

Content Notice
- I do not draw characters. Any 2D characters in other commissions are assets provided by the commissioner, please do so as well if you want this included.
- I will reject any projects related to NFTs and Cryptocurrency. You are not allowed to use works created by me in any NFT or Cryptocurrency related projects.
- I will reject anything that will result in offensive/illegal material or hate speech.
- NSFW content is okay, as long as it follows the above rule.

Payment Notice
We will discuss the price of the commission together. Feel free to provide a budget if you want.
Complexity increases the final price (especially any 3D models). Providing your own assets gives a discount.
Payment for commissions will be done 100% upfront or 50%-50% before-after depending on the preferred method.
The payment will go trough Paypal Invoice. All prices given are in euro.
Once I have started on the project, a refund is not possible anymore. Thank you for your understanding.

You will have full commercial copyright of the final product, however you cannot resell my work without permission.
Please note that I keep the right to use my commission for the purpose of promoting work on social media and this portfolio website.
I will not post or share any content before any specified release dates. I can sign an NDA if needed.
Crediting me for my work is highly appreciated. Any social media links are not required but are also appreciated.